When our loved ones reach their end-of-life journey, often times we as their family and friends find it difficult to navigate through the best decisions for them. We know that the end-of-life journey s a sacred yet challenging time for our patients, their families, and their friends. We hold their hands through the process of navigating the medical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the final stages of their illness.

Our Company Mission

Our staff is multi-cultural and speaks many of the languages prevalent in Southern California. Our compassionate directors work alongside their staff in assisting families in making their loved one’s transition as simple as possible. Our directors will have direct contact with the patient’s loved ones to ensure all patients and their families are comfortable with the medical and spiritual attention provided.

We are dedicated to providing information, education, and assistance to family members throughout the process. We enjoy our position as leaders in palliative medicine. We provide care from the heart.

Why trust us with your loved one’s care?

Our directors and staff work alongside the physicians in order to deliver the best possible services to fit each patient’s needs. Our directors will be in contact with the family members and assist in care coordination as needed. Our nurses are there with your family members day in and day out to make sure the patient is comfortable and receiving the care they need.


To qualify for our services, clients should:

1. Be living within our geographic
boundaries of the Greater Los Angeles area
2. Have a terminal illness
3. Have a primary care physician


Hospice care is fully covered by Medicare
and Medicaid beneficiaries and is unlimited
in length.
Some private health insurance companies
also cover hospice care, medications,
supplies, and equipment related to a hospice
The time to discuss hospice is before it is
needed. Anyone can refer a patient to
hospice. If you have any questions about
hospice care or need help with a referral, call
us. We will guide you through the process.

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