Our Services

Our compassionate team offers the following:

$0 Out of Pocket Services

All of our services are covered by your health care insurance.

Skilled Nurses

All of our nurses are trained especially in pain and symptom management for hospice care patients. Available 24 hours a day.

Continuous Care Nurses

Continuous care nurses are available to provide 24 hour care during the last few days of the patient’s life.

Social Workers

Our social workers offer counseling and bereavement services for the whole family. In unison with the family/patient dynamics, they act as a resource for a variety of community services.


Our physicians are available 24 hours a day. Working to ensure that the patients end of life is comfortable both spiritual and physically.

Home Health Aides

Certified aides provide loving personal care. They help bathe, shower, and shave the patient.


Our chaplains provide the necessary spiritual support for the patient and their families.

Medication and Medical Equipment

We provide basic medical equipment, supplies, and medication related to the hospice diagnosis.


Our volunteers are av ailable to spend time with patients and provide assistance with reading, shopping, etc..


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Yelp Testimonials

"Searching for a Hospice to care for your loved one can be daunting and painful, as you may feel that you are giving up on the fight for life. However, after dealing with BPHC, i can attest to the fact that this hospice care company is the best choice you can make for your loved one. Over the summer, my great aunt's health deteriorated to the point that her doctor suggested we place her in hospice care to ease her pain and transition. The hospital provided us with a list of recommended hospices they have previously used. had never had any experience with hospice care, so i went down the list and contacted each hospice on that list to gain knowledge and understanding of the services. My family chose to enlist BPHC to care for our loved one because of their diligence and knowledge in working with patients with similar illnesses as my aunts. Furthermore, BPHC was communicative, patient, and most welcoming, out of all the hospice care's i spoke with. Kristina, the nurse who was assigned to my aunts case was organized and attentive. After previously experiencing my grandmother's care at a rehab center, i understand that an organized care group taking care of your loved one is very important. Kristina and the team at BPHC put all of these worries to rest for my family. She was readily available and on-time, leaving no room for error. It is without a doubt that i highly recommend this hospice to anyone who faces the difficult decision of placing a loved one in hospice care. From the nurses to the in-office staff, everyone is qualified and passionate in the work they do. Thank you BPHC for treating my family like your family."
Shayan V